Career Opportunity: Marketing Specialist, Alberta Motor Association (AMA)

Company or Organization: Alberta Motor Association (AMA)

Position Title: Marketing Specialist (Experiential)

Position Type: Full time – permanent

Position Description and Qualifications: YOU’RE AN EVENT PLANNING superstar.
Do you love attending parties and events? Do you love putting them on even more? When it’s your turn to host, do you enjoy adding little touches that surprise your guests? Gift bags for the kids and a take-home gift for the adults? Are you the type of person who always has a Plan B because you know nothing ever goes exactly the way it should? Do you set-up the attendee satisfaction survey long before the event is finalized because you can never be too ready? And do you always make sure your event hashtag goes on all your collateral? If you practically sleep with your to do list, create contact lists with everyone’s cell phone numbers, and always ensure you have someone manning the booth, you may be the marketing event planner of our dreams!

We need an experienced intermediate-level marketer with a keen eye for details, who thrives on a challenge, loves to laugh, and believes in the power of human connections. We’re looking for a new team member: someone motivated and energetic; someone who will increase engagement across all lines of business by creating value for members through surprise & delight experiences and events. Someone who will use cross-media promotional activities that encourage two-way interaction and direct physical immersion into the brand. Someone who gets that our experiential events need to communicate on a more personal level, generate a deeper emotional connection, and result in strong satisfaction, conversion, and engagement rates. Our attitude is young, vibrant, energetic and change-oriented. Shaking things up is the name of the game.

What moves you

• You’re a spirited team player (you’re fun, funny and love people), who excels in a fast-paced environment and thrives on change.
• Your internal battery gets recharged from one-to-one interactions with the public.
• You’re so good at motivating teams of volunteers, you could put on a TED talk.
• You stare down deadlines…and win! Your laser-focus attention to detail makes it easy for you to meet competing and multiple deadlines.
• You’ve written strategies and executed experiential campaigns and know how to do both, well.
• You live and breathe brands and have experience and expertise in product positioning and messaging. You love figuring out what drives consumer behaviour and are in touch with marketing trends and best practices.
• When it comes to writing and talking, you’re killer. Plus, you can time manage your way through anything, are cool under pressure and can manage a budget like nobody’s business. Superstar!

What You’ll Do

• Report to Director, Membership Experience.
• Develop plans, proposals, and design programs for all events, including goals, timelines, venues, vendors, staffing, and KPIs.
• Leverage members and prospect behaviours and patterns, so that we communicate in ways they find relevant and compelling, with a clear-call-to-action when necessary.
• Create, manage, and track program budgets.
• Manage all external supplier relationships.
• Plan event activations, layouts, and schedules.
• Execute quality control checks to ensure satisfactory representation of AMA’s brand.
• Coordinate with all internal and external stakeholders.
• Collaborate with marketing teammates to promote events and sell memberships, tickets, merchandise, and tracking of event supplies.
• Maintain upkeep of event merchandise, event transportation when needed, signage, and equipment.
• Oversee creative design and collateral production for events and programs.
• Prepare post-event evaluations and recommendations/insights and reports on KPRs and results.
• Understand customer/prospect motivation and expectations to increase member acquisition.
• Understand our members’ challenges to improve member engagement.
• Work closely with Member Insights on focused experiential market research and data requirements to accurately target segments for the right events.
• Work the occasional overtime with the odd evenings, weekends, and holidays required.

What You’ve Done

• You have a post-secondary degree or diploma in marketing, communications, or recreation administration. Have a degree in something else? Tell us about it and why it’s relevant to your career as a marketer.
• You have a minimum of 3-5 years’ applied and progressive experience in event planning, marketing, brand management, communications, advertising, or recreation.
• You’ll get bonus points if you have CanSEP. Get yourself 2 bonus points if you also have CAAP or CPRS certification.
• You’re familiar with Agile methodology and Scrum practices.
• You have a proven track record of successful experiential marketing and/or even planning management.

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Closing Date: June 30, 2017

This career listing expires at 11:59pm on Friday June 30th, 2017