Real emotion in real time: How to manage challenging situations and build productive conversations (Nov 16)

The shield of anonymity represented by the internet has created an explosion of engagement but a dearth of understanding. While opinions fly and emotions run high, no-one brokers conversations in order to hear perspectives, share viewpoints or strive for consensus. We have become inured to listening, certain of our own rightness and incapable of shifting our ideas to a newly considered middle ground.

But positional thinking and the accompanying faceless anger need to be deconstructed as communicators take on real life opportunities for engagement in real time on issues that are challenging.

At this CPRS Edmonton luncheon, Calder Bateman CEO Catrin Owen, known for her ability to manage hostile crowds on controversial issues, will share her tips for turning “hot rooms” into productive rooms and will discuss the reasons she believes that facing issues head on – in large gatherings and small – can yield insight, wisdom and (sometimes) common ground.

This session, a combination of advice, anecdotes and things to avoid, will arm communicators with the chutzpah to lower the shield of anonymity, the diplomacy to meet the crowd with confidence and the broad shoulders to take on emotional weight without buckling.

Real emotion in real time… heck, we might even have a real argument over lunch at the Chateau Lacombe Hotel. Bring it on!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to popular demand, we have extended registration for this event (slightly!). Ticket sales will now close at 4 p.m. today (Monday, November 13).

Please email asap to let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

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