Whose truth is it anyway?

Maintaining our integrity as public relations professionals is becoming more important than ever. We are buffeted by versions of truth and outright lies across all our many communications and news channels, blending into a muddy river of information that needs careful screening.

On the other hand, much of our day-to-day public relations practice is much more mundane than the daily headlines: we announce new products or programs, we promote events, we try to raise money or recruit students, we provide useful information to customers, communities and citizens. Yet even there, we may be lied to or asked to lie by our bosses, or be misquoted, misunderstood, maligned or discounted by the news media, who may have bias, want to create conflict, sensationalize or trivialize or miss stories altogether, besides just getting things wrong at times. News is a “human construct” after all, that can also fall prey to the “muddy river of information.” And in a communications omniverse, citizens can isolate themselves in echo chambers of like minds, which may or may not care about “truth.”

What’s a public relations practitioner to do? Join us to hear stories and share stories about the increasing complexity of our professional lives, and what we can do to stand for truth and integrity in all we do.

Date: Friday, March 26, 2021
Time: 9 to 10 a.m.
Location: Zoom
CPRS members: free | Students: free | Non-members: $10


Dan VanKeeken, APR, CFRE

Our conversations will be led by Dan VanKeeken, APR, CFRE who brings decades of public and media relations experience across a range of industries, as well as being the longest-serving (former) instructor in the Public Relations program at MacEwan University. He also tutors an online Media Relations course he created for Athabasca University.

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