Mentorship Testimonials

Hear From Recent Participants

“Thank you for allowing me to participate in this program! I have learned a great deal of information this past year. Being able to seek advice and feedback from my mentor allowed me to grow professionally and personally. When I first started the PR program, I no confidence in my PR skills and struggled to see the vision I wanted to go professionally. In the past year, I have become much more confident in my skills and can now say that this is a profession I want to pursue passionately. The CPRS mentorship program has added so much value to my life. I’m so grateful you accepted my application!”
– Sabrina Licata (protégé)

“I got a lot out of the sessions. I have a better understanding of Millennials and their values and practices, learning what my younger colleagues’ expectations in the workplace might be and how best to respond to them as well as finding out more about the curriculum and what new grads have learned.”
– Philip Mulder, APR (mentor)

“As a student member in CPRS’s mentorship program, I had the opportunity to make a valuable personal connection with a senior practitioner and to observe and participate in public relations work. My mentor gave me advice on resume and cover letter writing, took me to planning meetings with his communications team and with his client, and had me assist him with a couple of events. I believe this program has contributed to my professional development and would recommend it to public relations students.”
– Vivian Binnema (protégé)

“When I began my work in PR, I would have benefited from a mentor. But along the way, many wonderful people stepped forward to help me at various stages of my career. That’s why I volunteered to be a mentor when CPRS Edmonton started this program. You can’t always do something for the ones who helped you, but you can pay it forward. The person I was paired with was not a student, but someone who wanted help bringing her career to the next level. During our time together, she achieved her goal. Though I had little to do with that, it was rewarding to celebrate together.”
– Andrea Collins, APR, FCPRS (mentor)

“I really enjoyed being a part of the CPRS mentorship program, and I appreciate having had this opportunity. I learned a lot from my mentor and benefitted from our conversations and activities. The mentorship also led to my practicum position that I am completing for my diploma program. The ideas and skills that I gained through the mentorship program will help me greatly in my PR career.”
– Maria Kotovych (protégé)

“I was very appreciative of being part of the first CPRS-Edmonton Mentorship program, and am even more convinced of its value at the end of the year. While I can only really speak from personal experience of the work with my assigned student, it appears the concept was a valuable experience for both student and mentor. The program convinced me that those of us with many years of experience owe it to the newcomers to our profession to be a guide.”
– Brian Hetherington LM (mentor)