CPRS Edmonton x CPRS Hamilton: Setting Boundaries

We all know Public Relations is a 24/7 industry. The digitalization of the profession, coupled with the on-demand nature of the work can lead to blurred lines between work and personal time. How do you protect your wellbeing while also excelling at the job? In this session we will discuss setting firm boundaries while still maintaining professionalism and being a valuable team player. It is possible to work a 24/7 job without a 24/7 time commitment. Bring your boundary questions and concerns for a roundtable discussion.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to communicate boundaries in the workplace
  • Protecting time off
  • Tools to help you maintain your boundaries

About the Speaker:

Linneah Tovstiga is a lifelong learner, storyteller, and protector of her peace. A proud resident of Brantford, Ontario, she holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo and a Public Relations Graduate Certificate from Mohawk College. Linneah has served on the CPRS Hamilton board for four years, as Secretary and now Mentorship Chair. By day, Linneah is a Communications Specialist for the Brant Community Healthcare System, and by night she is a plant killer, gin enthusiast, and cat roommate. She spends her spare time curling, reading fiction, and not checking her email.

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