Relationships — November 2016 President’s Message

I was joking the other day with Melissa Pennell, the VP of the CPRS Board, about how common it is for people to talk about how busy they are.

It is almost a competition to show how busy you are by rattling off the many things you have on the go……. well guess what? I am busy! So busy I contemplated not writing something for this month’s newsletter.

However, that also got me thinking. The aspect of Public Relations that I love the most is RELATIONSHIPS. I am often reminded that no matter how busy you get – it is incredibly important to nurture and take care of the relationships you have.

No time is this more evident than during the busiest seasons. To be able to pick up the phone and quickly rely on a vendor to help you in a pinch – that comes down to solid relationships.

Connecting over coffee and making the time to catch up with a colleague in this profession is such a gift. Especially if you can connect for over 30 minutes without looking at your phone!

So this is my challenge to you as a busy public relations practitioner – take the time to connect and nurture good relationships – you never know when you will need them!

Stay busy and stay connected!

Yours in communication,

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