Event recap: Navigating the Media Aftershock

On February 24, 2017 Sharon MacLean, a veteran communications strategist and experienced business woman, spoke at our PD session. She shared her views on media’s broken business models, social selling and the possible future of newsrooms and corporate brands as strategic partners. Sharon contends we are at the epicentre of historical change as social change contributes to the fragmentation of media and decline of traditional advertising. Sharon believes many Canadians do not recognize the urgency of the situation and that we should abandon old paradigms like traditional marketing models. Her solutions include getting corporate communicators to align with journalists, avoid having a single spokesperson and recognize that all employees are spokespeople.

Key takeaways

  • Examined and questioned why we must also engage subscribers and build a social enterprise as we create content.
  • Compare the results of traditional advertising and social selling.
  • Recognisde why Google has invested in the publishing industry in Europe

Written by Mary McIntyre
Programming Co-chair, CPRS Edmonton Board