A Note From Lyn Brown, President-Elect of CPRS Edmonton

Around Remembrance Day, I find myself reflecting on the trauma of war and the gift of peace that some have been blessed with all our lives. I know CPRS Edmonton members are actively building community in so many ways and I hope we can be extra kind to those in our midst who have been scarred by conflict whether visible or not.  

We started the fall slow and strong. Our late September mixer at Brewsters scored 100% in the feedback survey with most hearing about the event through word of mouth. Our October mentorship event was a learning opportunity and while participants were enthusiastically engaged, PD chair Crystal Wood has refinements in mind for the spring event.

We’re holding a very timely ethics panel on Nov. 19 and a Beer and Cheer holiday mixer on Dec. 6. Space is limited so register now! A strategic planning workshop is slated for late January at Creative Hive and we’re planning to launch periodic informal “conversation circles” in the new year. Watch for details on those initiatives soon. 

Membership stands at 135, up two since September, and chair Melanie Houley has been our #1 promoter with students at universities and colleges in our city. 

We have three priorities for 2019-20.
1) hold fun events that connect us as a community;
2) take a deeper dive into what CPRS Edmonton’s purpose is in the life of busy members; and
3) undertake targeted outreach with potential local partner groups.

With priority two in mind, I’m reaching out with a call for members who are willing to share their CPRS story and a view on the weighty topic of PURPOSE. We have a terrific non-member and freelance writer standing by who has volunteered to help gather these insights through interviews. Please call or email me directly at lyn.brown@cprsedmonton.ca to be part of this important community-building effort.

We are also seeking a volunteer for the Treasurer role. Sharon Sush who has done a masterful job to date is unable to continue her volunteer duties as she’s doing double/triple-duty at her employer. If you or someone you know has an accounting background and 4-10 hours a month to volunteer, please contact me, or any member of our board immediately.     

That’s a wrap! Talk soon.


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