A Note From Lyn Brown, President, CPRS Edmonton

Happy 2020 everyone!

As we look to a new decade, communicators may be forgiven for being a bit overwhelmed. The pace and volume of technology change, combined with mass customization of applications, platforms and channels, makes the RACE model of research, analysis, communication and evaluation that I grew up with as a business communicator look quaint if not downright irrelevant.

Most of us are still trying to fully grasp Instagram and Reddit, let alone Snapchat and Tik Tok. Some of these platforms are purely personal with no direct application to our organizations. But, then, we thought the same about Twitter when it first launched. So we never really know what the future holds.

That’s why I’m so excited by this year’s CPRS National Conference and Awards of Excellence theme: Transformed! That describes our industry perfectly.

We’re constantly transforming. And as new ways of communicating are adopted by the public, we as public relations professionals have a duty to understand the new vehicles and to find ways to engage our audiences across these platforms. More importantly, we need to stay grounded in the ethics of our field and the long-standing principles of conduct that still apply in this new world.

I’m looking forward to seeing the innovative and creative ways of communicating messages and ideas showcased at the Awards of Excellence. I’m excited about the speakers and presentations at the upcoming conference in Quebec City this summer.

There are so many fascinating moments unfolding in our field and now is the time to learn, grow and exchange ideas across our community. That’s the true value in being a member of CPRS.

Onward and upward, Lyn

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