COVID-19 Resources for Communicators

As we prepared for the March newsletter, we thought of how we could best support our members tasked with communicating during COVID-19. It is also Membership Month, which is fitting as in times of crisis we need to rely on our CPRS Community and fellow communicators for best practices, resources and support. This includes how to manage our own crisis-related stress as we are called upon to be the voices of our organizations, to be leaders and are frequently asked to answer questions under pressure where there may be no concrete answers. Let’s support each other by sharing kudos, support and articles. Here are a few links to get you started and thank you for being champions of our profession. Take care of yourself, know you have a community of support and remember…you’ve got this!

CPRS National COVID 19 Resource Centre and Member Discussion Forum 
CPRS National Crisis Communications Checklist
CPRS National Webinar: CPRS Health Academy presents: “Do you know if this Code Orange is real?”
Brand Communications in a Time of Crisis

Feel free to share resources or reach out to other communicators through CPRS Edmonton’s LinkedIn group.

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