Cecilia Bloxom on her career and being named to the CPRS College of Fellows

Heather Mah
July 19, 2020

When I was asked to interview Cecilia Bloxom, I jumped at the opportunity. Remembering how she chaired the CPRS Evolving Expectations National Conference last year, it was obvious that Cecilia is a trailblazing communicator on a mission. And that mission led to her induction into the CPRS College of Fellows this year.

To qualify for the College of Fellows, CPRS members must demonstrate outstanding leadership in the public relations profession, as well as in CPRS. So, how does it feel to be named to the College of Fellows? 

“It’s a huge honour. I think back to when I started going to school for public relations, and I am shocked that I ended up going this far,” says Cecilia. “When you look at the members of the College, there’s exceptional leadership and skillset there. I think back to that 19 year old girl who started in public relations and I’m proud of her.”

Without a doubt, Cecilia found her niche as a communications practitioner. From starting as a public information officer then growing into senior director roles, Cecilia demonstrated that with tenacity and resolve, a lot can be achieved within two decades. One of Cecilia’s career highlights was her time overseeing the public affairs for the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. “I made it my goal to get the Glenrose Hospital on the front page of the Edmonton Journal at least once every other week. There were such incredible stories to be told within the rehab community. That was a pinnacle point in my career.” 

Cecilia credits her success to the people who believed in her. “I’ve been incredibly lucky to have these leaders throughout my career who have mentored me, nurtured me, shown me the way, opened doors for me, and given me the idea that you have to remain curious.” 

One of those doors is the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), where Cecilia is going into her 12th year of working as the senior director of strategic communications. The other door is CPRS, where she attained her accreditation in public relations (APR), served as the accreditation chair for the CPRS Edmonton board before becoming president, and was on the board for nine years. “CPRS grounds you in the public relations profession. It’s a society that has huge professionalism and adheres to strong ethics in our code of conduct on how we operate as public relations practitioners.” Upholding the CPRS code of conduct undoubtedly ensures continuous career growth in the right direction and a place in the College of Fellows.

What does this induction mean to her and her career going forward? Cecilia revealed, “What it means to me is that commitment to lifelong learning and knowing that you never hit the peak of being a communications practitioner because every single day you can grow and learn more. I think what it will propel me to do is to continue to raise the bar for myself.” I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment! 

A round of applause and congratulations Cecilia! 

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