President’s message: Embracing change

Lyn Brown
July 24, 2020

The global health pandemic is transforming every aspect of how we live, work and play. At our planning meeting a few weeks ago, the CPRS Edmonton board began to build our calendar of programming for the next year. We are keeping in mind how the pandemic, tight budgets and access to more online learning is impacting members, our profession, and society’s views and expectations of public relations. 

As Daniel Tisch said following our first AGM held on Zoom in May, we are gripped in a rolling reality. As our attention shifts from pandemic response to economic impacts and re-entry pathways, everything will be different.

For members, keeping our local society relevant is key. We know you have many choices in where and how you share your time and talents and we will do our best to make CPRS a valued investment. Our programming calendar is being planned with an eye to how PR careers are shifting from a lifelong specialization for some to a stepping-stone in an increasingly interdisciplinary field for others.

We’ll be working to reboot our LinkedIn group, renew our sense of community and extend reach using technology platforms that erase distance and open doors to our friends in Regina, Calgary and rural Alberta.

Watch for joint chapter webinars, virtual social events, experiments with Zoom rooms and hive-mind conversations. In the works are virtual master classes featuring CPRS Fellows, CEOs and other thought leaders on topics such as crisis management, diversity and inclusion, cyberthreats, intrapreneurship and
digital ethics.

Through the next months we will seek the views of members to collectively reimagine our local society’s place and purpose in a world that is fundamentally, permanently and constantly changing. Ultimately, what and how CPRS Edmonton evolves will be determined by you.

Onward together, Lyn

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