President’s message: Passion, purpose and practice

Against the uncertain backdrop to which we’re growing accustomed is the nagging worry that despite best efforts, something beyond our own control will throw our job and career a curveball.

My husband’s lifelong baseball passion comes to mind when I think about this. In junior college, Ray was cut from the team. He practiced. He got better. He pitched in state championships. He signed a pro contract and then he was released after four short seasons in the minor leagues. Not because he didn’t have ability or ambition; in fact, he set records that won’t be broken. But luck plays a part in how far talent and drive takes any of us.

Baseball is Ray’s North Star. It’s his natural calling, first as a player and now as a coach. It’s taken him around the world and makes him a magnet for kids, serious college athletes, parents and friends. Ray’s 50+ year commitment to learning, growing and bringing his best to a sport he loves is infectious. It rubs off on everyone in his orbit – me included – in many ways beyond the game itself.

There’s a lesson for those of us with a passion for public relations and communications. Trite as it sounds, we too have a magnetic pull that can make an enormous difference to the shape and health of our community – and society in general. With trust ebbing, anxiety rising, opinions masquerading as facts, the need for our well-honed professional skills has never been greater.

That’s where CPRS comes in. Being part of a community grounded in professional excellence, ethics, thoughtful best practices and continuous learning gives each of us a powerful capacity to contribute in new and different ways. It makes the occasional career curveball any of us may face simply a reminder of the role Lady Luck plays in our lives. CPRS surrounds each of us with a community of coaches and mentors who help us to bounce back and keep moving forward in our chosen vocation. 

So I invite you to connect with CPRS colleagues and friends year-round and together we will help strengthen and grow networks that make our communities more resilient for years to come. 

As always, my virtual door is open!

Stay healthy and safe, Lyn

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