Resources for communicators: Change management

When an organization makes a significant change, communication is essential to get employees on board and to mitigate their concerns. In May 2021, Heather Newton and Megan McDougald of the University of Alberta’s Service Excellence Transformation team joined us to talk about their experience in change management in a large organization.

Our team of volunteers put together some additional resources with some key questions communicators should consider when they’re communicating change within their companies.

How to Communicate Clearly During Organizational Change – Harvard Business Review – Sending the right signals is important when embarking on strategic change is essential. There are three ways where leaders often send confusing signals to their employees: not being clear enough about what they want the change to achieve, fail to change how they spend their own time, and allocating the right resources to support the change.

Communication in Change Management – The Balance Careers – There is no such thing as over-communication when your organization needs to change. Effective communication requires four components for change to be successful.

Communication Checklist for Achieving Change Management – Prosci – Before embarking on change, Prosci put together a 10-point checklist for change management communication.

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