President’s Message – Membership Month

Friends who get it.  Advice. Leadership opportunities. Accolades. Advocating for the public good. Expanding your network. You sought CPRS Edmonton out for a reason. 

I’ve been a CPRS member for more than a decade, but I believe paying an annual membership fee is only the beginning to accessing the value of belonging to the Edmonton and national communications communities. It’s speaking out about professional standards to employers to build credibility for the profession. It’s about looking to communities of practice for the collective knowledge of many. It’s about the pursuit of stronger skills to demonstrate the value of communicators to businesses. It’s about measuring the quality of your plans against industry standards, and showing colleagues, clients and leaders that you’re an expert. It’s about meeting people who understand the ins, outs, ups and downs of the communications field – friends you can swap stories with.

March is Membership Month for CPRS, and I challenge the members of our community to speak up about their reasons for being a part of our community – what’s the root of why you join us for events? What’s one CPRS advantage you’ve leveraged to support your career path? Why do you choose to invest time and money in your industry?

Reach out to your networks, share your story, and help us strengthen the Edmonton communications community.

Something to add?