President’s message – October 2023

Tammy Vineberg, APR

We are all overwhelmed by messaging. I’m sure your email box is filled with e-newsletters while your attention on social media can be pulled in many directions. It’s a challenge for any organization to keep its audience abreast of what is going on, especially for CPRS Edmonton. That’s partly why I decided to call all our members to check in and have a chat. 

It was amusing to hear confusion in people’s voices if and when they answered my call. They didn’t understand at first why they were getting a call. Once they knew that I wasn’t a salesperson, they were happy to give me a few minutes of their time. When I asked how we could support them as members, many admitted that they haven’t had time to attend events or become more involved. Some expressed interest in becoming accredited and wanted more information about the process. Others said they were very happy to have been contacted. One sent me a LinkedIn message after our call and agreed to let me share her comments:

“As you’re no doubt aware, my involvement is peripheral at best nowadays—although I’d been very active when I was actually working in Edmonton, and attended many events. Although I encourage my staff to attend PD sessions, I don’t have much opportunity to do so myself since my move out to Strathcona County. I would definitely take advantage of remote learning opportunities but likely wouldn’t come into the city on a regular basis for in-person events.

I appreciate my membership, though, and frequently read the newsletter and keep track of who is hiring. Thanks for taking the time to connect.”

The CPRS national office conducted its membership survey this summer and shared the results following the annual general meeting last month. I’m sure they will share them with all the members later but the results echo the ones from the 2022 survey. Practitioners value their membership because they want to show employers that they are part of a professional association, they want to access professional development opportunities, and they want to expand their professional network. 

It’s interesting to see these survey results—how people want to network and learn from professional development and then hear from my calls how members may not have time to achieve these goals. It leaves me wondering how we can support them as an organization. There might be barriers that they face—family commitments, very little support from employers, or other priorities at this time in their life. I’m also left wondering if our professional development topics are hitting the mark.

If you read my first president’s message, you heard how I professed my love of CPRS and how it’s helped me. I would like to encourage you to reach out to me if you did receive my phone message and let me know how we can add value to your membership. Nothing is cheap these days and I want to make sure you are getting what you need out of your investment. 

Speaking of investment, I hope you will set aside valuable time on Sunday, October 15 and join us for our 60th anniversary celebration. Tickets are still available here and on sale until October 10. Thank you to those who have already made the commitment to attend. I look forward to seeing you at the event or, if you can’t make it, email me at to set up a chat. Non-members are welcome to attend or reach out too!

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