The CPRS Edmonton mentorship program is designed to provide opportunities, knowledge and connections to those working or interested in working in the field of public relations under the guidance of PR practitioners.

The program pairs members with established professionals working in public relations across central and northern Alberta. Students, those starting their career and professionals at any career stage looking to develop new skills are encouraged to apply.

Mentors and mentees will benefit from networking, long-lasting friendships, and learn new ways of approaching challenges and projects.

The program will have three cycles of pairings a year with each pairing lasting three months. The mentors and mentees should meet twice a month. Mentors have the option of taking on more than one mentee.


We are currently recruiting for mentors. Mentors can be non-CPRS members, but must be a member to be a mentee.

Requirements for being a mentor include:

  • Senior Communicator (15+ years of experience)
  • Mid-Level Communicator (7 – 15 years of experience)
  • Meet with their mentee twice a month for three months
  • Report back to CPRS about the mentoring experience

Why Become A Mentor?

Mentoring keeps you current. Your mentee can provide insight into current education tools, trends and skills. Mentoring also allows you to exercise your own skills by applying your knowledge to assisting other professionals.

“It’s too time-consuming.” You are a busy professional and your time is precious, that’s why mentoring only requires a couple of hours of scheduled communication throughout the three-month program.

“I’ll be barraged with calls and e-mails.” Mentees are aware that the program only requires three meetings, unless otherwise agreed upon.

“I don’t have time for face-to-face meetings.” Your time is valuable and in the current climate CPRS Edmonton is making member safety and health a priority. Participants may want to meet face-to-face (following guidelines for social distancing) but are not required to do so. All meetings can be conducted virtually or by phone throughout the three-month commitment.

Mentoring allows you to give back. As a mentor, you can help shape the next generation of communications professionals and further the industry by setting standards for tomorrow’s practitioners.

Mentoring earns you APR Points. Accredited APR members earn one point/maintenance credit per year (as a professional activity).

Mentoring helps you recruit talent. Being a mentor helps you tap into the hidden job market by giving you access to a pool of serious and committed PR professionals.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, complete the form below.


Once the mentor recruitment is complete, we will be asking mentees to choose their three top mentors they want to work with.

Requirements for being a mentee include:

• CPRS membership
• Junior Communicator (0 – 6 years of experience)
• Student Communicator (currently enrolled in post-secondary education)
• Mid-Level Communicator (7 – 15 years of experience)
• Report to CPRS Edmonton about the mentoring experience

If you are interested in becoming a mentee, complete the form below.

Matching Mentors and Mentees

Mentors and mentees will be matched based on several factors including experience, shared career interests (industry type, organization type, job functions) and location.