President’s message

As we enter a new board year, I extend my gratitude to Lyn Brown for her leadership of the Edmonton chapter over the past few years, and her mentorship to me directly. With her guidance, we’ve been able to reassess the priorities for this chapter, and move swiftly to digital record-keeping, digital financial management, and digital connection with our communications community through the pandemic. I look forward to her continued support over the course of the next year. 

At our AGM on June 10, we elected a new board with many new roles and perspectives. This expanded leadership team will help bring a new vision to life: to create a community of like-minded people who can swap stories, share strategic advice and agree on ethics. The new board roles are designed to bring people together, create value and share in supporting industry professionals as they grow in their careers. 

Some examples:

  • Our Membership Chair role has shifted to combine the role of Vice-President and Community. This role will lead a team to connect with our broader community of public relations professionals and communicators, including but not limited to members. As the VP, this position should be the most closely connected to individual members in order to understand their needs and how CPRS Edmonton can meet them. 
  • We’ve revived two vital positions: the Mentorship Chair, which will nurture our relationship with students, junior communicators and communicators seeking the next steps in their careers, and the Accreditation Chair role, which will support professionals who wish to measure their skills on a national scale. 
  • A regional outreach director who will leverage our virtual meeting capabilities to expand our borders throughout Northern Alberta, including Red Deer. 

With membership and event participation declining, we need to seek new ways to drive value for this community. I think we have the right people on our team to innovate our chapter practices. 

Thank you to the board members who have volunteered this year. See the full list of new roles and board members. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have ideas you’d like to share:

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