Thank you for a great year

Despite a pandemic and moving our programming to an entirely virtual environment for the 2020-21 board year, the past 12 months were a huge success. Between free programming for members and being able to attend from the comfort of your home, attendance and interest in events grew over the past year, as well as allowed us to forge connections with CPRS members across the country. A big thank you goes out to our volunteers for their dedication and hard work to keep CPRS Edmonton going through the pandemic.

Outgoing Board Members

  • Sharmin Hislop, Co-Past President
  • Mike Lupien, Co-Past President
  • Melanie Houley, Membership Chair
  • Gwendoline Hunka, Director-at-Large


  • Heather Mah
  • Deanna Kibap
  • Daniel Purcell
  • Tamara Vineberg
  • Julie Williams

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