Resources for communicators: The Harmony of IT and PR

In May, David Almond, Executive Director of Information Technology at Alberta Innovates joined us to talk about where IT and PR intersect. As the virtual world continues to grow, new opportunities and challenges arise daily. Experts in IT and PR work together to build better connections between technology and communities. Whether it’s change management, interpreting data, creating new content, internal or external communications, reputation or crisis management, or building the public’s trust, IT and PR go hand in hand.

5 Problems in Business You Can’t Solve with Better Technology – Launchhouse – Although IT helps the PR field immensely, there are also times when technology can’t solve all new challenges. IT and PR professionals can lean on each other to ensure new practices and technologies are introduced strategically. PR practitioners can:

  • Improve organization, workflow and operating efficiency where technology can’t (i.e. with additional research and internal communication plans).
  • Update outdated processes by creating strategies for the implementation of new technology, the investment in the proper apps and tools, and for improving change management communications.
  • Create communication strategies between departments to improve collaboration before investing in new workplace communication apps.
  • Better control information overload with clear and concise communications.

10 Powerful Benefits of Teamwork in the Workplace – Career Addict – With many professionals working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to continue to build workplace collaboration skills. IT and PR professionals have tasks that intersect, so they can benefit from nurturing their relationships. Teamwork in the workplace can boost productivity, provide a support network, encourage innovation, improve morale, allow flexibility, and improve conflict resolution skills, among other benefits. For ideas on virtual team building activities, check out 40 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities, Games & Ideas in 2021.

How Technology is Changing Public Relations – OnePitch – Changes in technology greatly affect the public relations field. Some of these changes include new ways to monitor social media, track results, invest in research, collaborate with influencers, build an online reputation, immediately control a crisis, and amplify the use of visuals with streaming services, augmented/virtual reality and other tools.

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