Tackle your LinkedIn profile and get a new headshot

Admit it, you’ve been meaning to spruce up your LinkedIn profile for a while.

Are you unsure where to begin? Has it been months, or even years since you’ve reviewed your profile? Is your headshot decades old? If you’re looking to move into the next chapter of your career, or if you’re just trying to make sure your profile properly conveys who you are when people search for you, now is the perfect time to tackle your LinkedIn profile. In this fun workshop and mixer, you’ll learn what it takes to create a polished, well-rounded LinkedIn profile that gets you the attention you deserve.

Join your CPRS Edmonton society in collaboration with Barb Penney of Winning Resumes and Career Solutions, and Aspen Zettel, a MacEwan University photography teacher who has worked for the Edmonton Journal and others, for this fun and informative event.

About Barb Penney:
Barb gained tremendous insight reviewing thousands of resumes and interviewing hundreds of people during her 25+ years as a Human Resources leader. With a focus on recruitment and selection, her HR career extended across business, healthcare, and not for profit worlds. She has treasured the time she’s worked with executives, learned from professionals, and coached leaders through all things HR with a leading community organization.
Barb began exploring how she could help others with their careers. She earned credentials as a resume writer and career professional and found her niche helping executives, managers, and accomplished professionals transition their careers. Her HR experience has proven invaluable as she helps executives and senior, mid-level, and new professionals take life-enhancing steps with personalized career services.
About the headshot:
You’ll have five minutes of one-on-one time with Aspen to strike as many poses as you can. Aspen will offer suggestions and poses to put you at ease and get you looking your best. Following the event, a link will be provided to a gallery of images from your session. You’ll pick one headshot that best reflects your style, and Aspen will provide some light touch-ups to get your image profile-ready. Once completed, you’ll get your very own digital copy of your new headshot!

There will be light refreshments and a cash bar available on site.

This event is taking place at Zocalo in their fantastic greenhouse.

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