President’s Message – March 2024

Tammy Vineberg, APR

Over the years in this profession, I’ve made a purposeful goal to expand my network, especially through the Canadian Public Relations Society. I understand that some people don’t for their own personal reasons. However, I’ve found many benefits because of this effort.

March is Membership Month for CPRS. If you have let your membership lapse or are on the fence about joining, I’m going to encourage you to read this message to hear my perspective on why I feel it is important to belong to this organization.

I know many of you rely on your employer to pay for a membership. And we all are facing higher costs in the last year from groceries to utilities. However, I still pay out of my own pocket for my membership and I have since 2008. I consider it an investment into my career and connecting to a network of like minded people.

CPRS can be your professional family. When you have a question about how to handle a work situation, you can turn to your CPRS network and ask for their help. The wisdom, mentorship, and insight I’ve gained from others over the years has been invaluable. When I was writing my Award of Excellence submission last year, I asked other members to review it before I sent it off. When I’ve had to look for a job, I let others know and they sent me postings and offered to review my cover letter and resume.

Growing a network can be a lot of work and time investment. It means reaching out to people that you may not know to ask to meet for a coffee or lunch. It also takes courage. Recently, I heard how one of our student volunteers asked an attendee at our 60th anniversary celebration if they would be her mentor and they agreed. This is impressive!

Please consider investing in yourself by taking advantage of Membership Month. Watch CPRS’s social media channels for more information about the discount. And if you want to take the first step in growing your network, join us at the next Communications Coffee Chat on Saturday, March 9 at Bogani Cafe.

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